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Abijah Gibson


Hello! I am Abijah!  I’ve always loved movement. Whether it is going to the gym, African dance, hiking, or yoga, movement has always been a way to clear tension in my mind and body. Through refinement in my personal practice and some amazing instructors, I’ve learned yoga is for everyone in every season of their life. Yoga is an inward journey where you grow the more you put into it. 

Currently, I am a homebirth assistant and start midwifery school in the Fall. I love adding to my skills set to serve people. My passion is meeting clients and students unconditionally where they are without judgement.

I believe that yoga is great prep work for labor and birth.  As a doula, I gracefully intertwine  my doula skills and prenatal yoga skills. I practice breath-work with moms to help keep their focus and remain present. By being an authentic supporter, I assist moms to have the birth of their choice by educating them and setting an uplifting atmosphere for mom during labor for an organic flow to her finish line of bringing a new soul earthside.

“Yoga is the ultimate form of selflove.

Stretching your body, stretches your mind.

Stretching your mind, stretches your spirit. 

Stretching your spirit, stretches your universal consciousness. 

Stretching your universal consciousness, starts with you.”

I have experience with:
  • First time moms

  • VBAC births

  • C-sections

  • Medicated births

  • Non-medicated births

  • Miscarriage

  • Induction

  • Home births

  • Hospital birth

  • Birth Center births

Consulting Doula is Rebekah​ who has 28 years of experience.