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Loree Eaker


Hello! I’m Loree Eaker. When I’m not busy with birth work, you can usually find me with my husband and two young kids. They’re all a bit crazy, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything. When I have some free time, it usually involves books, my plants and herbs, dancing, or doing yoga. Or eating a fresh chocolate chip cookie.

Currently, I am in the middle of completing my certification as a breastfeeding counselor to complement my birth and postpartum doula certifications. Always looking for continuing education opportunities where I can grow and expand, I have training in rebozo work and Spinning Babies techniques as well. 

             Born and raised in Nashville, the oldest of ten children, working with babies comes naturally to me. I’ve been doing it my whole life! But, experiencing birth firsthand is what led me to this work. Every mother’s journey is unique and she deserves to be uniquely supported emotionally, physically, and informationally. She has the right to know and understand what options she has in pregnancy, birth, and beyond, in order to make truly informed decisions for herself and her family. As your doula, I strive to cultivate an environment in which you feel seen, heard, and loved, so that when you later recall your birth story, you find one full of peace, empowerment, and joy.

I have experience with:
  • First time moms

  • Non-medicated births

  • VBAC births

  • C-section births

  • Twin births and postpartum support

  • Spinning Babies concepts

  • Rebozo use in pregnancy and birth

  • Hospital Births

  • Birth Center Births

  • Inductions

  • Epidurals

  • St. Thomas OR Certified

  • Breastfeeding

Accepting moms due 10/2023 & 1/2024

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