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Mastering the Client Interview

Do you wish you could get every client you interview to book your services? Learn the tips and tools to make it happen. 


       You have completed all your trainings and now all you need are clients. Right? It should not be too hard. Unfortunately, you quickly find that you are getting interviews, but nobody is hiring you. What can you do? Is it what you are saying, doing, or your price? How can you figure this out when you are new to this? 
        Relax! We have a class for you. Attend our training for mastering that interview and gain the clients you need. We will discuss tips and tricks for success and how to address difficult questions. One of the most challenging questions for birth professionals when they are just starting out is "How much experience do you have?" or "How many births have you attended?" The truth is, we all start out with little or no experience, and it takes time to gain it. So how do you answer the experience question without making yourself sound undesirable to potential clients? Along with dealing with those challenging questions you may be asked, we'll also be discussing the practical issue of how to prepare for the consultation and what you might bring with you. We will end the class with a practice interview and kindly give pointers to help you nail your next client. 
     You might not know this, but potential clients decide to hire you or not within 5 seconds of meeting you. Take time to learn how you can make those 5 seconds be in your favor! Sign up today.
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