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Online Childbirth Class

Where will you birth?


Medical Center


Medical Center


To help with the issues many of us are facing, BBTN is offering a 50% off code. Please enter 50off at checkout.

Blissful Birthing TN is an independent company and is in no way associated with any of the hospitals listed on this page.


This amazing class has videos to cover all the topics you need to have a birth filled with bliss. It takes about 3 hours to complete. You can do it in the comfort of your own home on your own time.

  • Learning to Find Your Voice

  • Belly Mapping

  • Fear vs. Safety

  • Typical Labor

  • Contractions

  • Pain Management Options

  • Dad Tips and How to Stand Up for Your Wife

  • Packing Your Hospital Bag

  • Hospital Policies Specific to the Hospital Where You Are Birthing

  • Relaxation Options

  • Birth Plans

  • Support People

  • Know Your Rights

  • Early Labor At Home

  • Inductions

  • Epidurals

  • Breastfeeding

  • Postpartum Planning and Expectations

  • Newborn Care: Diapers, Feeding, Dressing Baby, etc.

  • Worksheets and Information Pages to Download

  • Breastfeeding 101

Breastfeeding 101 Now Included As A Bonus!

Blissful Birthing TN is an independent company and is in no way associated with any of the hospitals listed on this page.
Would you rather have a 1 on 1 class taught in your home or virtually?

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I finish the class at my own pace or do I have to finish at a set pace?

    We get it! You are busy and probably don't have time to to "one more thing". Our focus is to make it easier for you. This online class allows you the freedom to finish at whatever pace suits your lifestyle. It is simple. Just pre-pay and sign in to watch at your own convenience. It easily works with your schedule, especially if there are other children. It’s something you can do after kids are in bed or before they wake up or even during nap time.  You can even watch the class in your pajamas and we will never know. Plus, you have the flexibility that your husband can watch the classes with you or when he has time at work. You get to choose.

2. Is this a class for first time parents or a refresher course?

     Both. This is a great class for first time parents as we cover tons of topics. This class is also great as a refresher           course since you can skip and watch whatever video you want and need. Plus, you can email us any of your questions and get a quick response. 

3. Is the class on a DVD? 

     No, it is only online, but you can watch the videos from your phone, tablet, or laptop 24/7.  Simply, log in and watch the pre-recorded videos.

4. How do I sign up?

     First, click the "Buy Now" button. Once you have paid, you will get the password to access your class any time of the day or night. Then, come back to this page and click on the hospital where you will deliver. Sit back and enjoy the fun videos and downloads as you learn at your own pace.

5. What do I do if I want some in person relaxation or labor practice with my husband and I?

     You can contact us and we can arrange a time to come and practice with you in your home any of the comfort or labor techniques you need. The instructor can modify and help your husband be confident in his technique to support you. There is an additional fee of $65 and hour for this service.

6. Do I need to provide any materials or will you bring everything for an in home class?   

     All you need to do is attend with a smile. We will bring handouts and worksheets to help you be prepared for birth. We will also bring a rebozo, peanut ball, birth ball, and massage tools to let you play with during the class.

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