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Nashville Care Providers

Many moms are unsure whether they want to hire a doctor or a midwife. Select one of the options below to help find your best match.


Midwives have wonderful skills and can do anything except surgery.


Midwives are very skilled and take only low risk clients.

Elevate Your Dream

Elevate Your Dream

mom dad

Nashville has tons of great support during your pregnancy. Learn about doulas, massage therapists, childbirth education, baby stores, etc.

doula with mom laboring

Our city is rich with resources to help you at birth including doulas, photographers, and more.

mom holding newborn

Don't forget to plan now for after baby comes. Learn about postpartum doulas, breastfeeding consultants, meal help, mom support groups and more.

Amaze Yourself



Hire a doula in your first trimester. She will be a great help throughout the pregnancy and postpartum time. Making the transitions easy and seamless.

fresh food

Curious about the do's and don'ts of pregnancy eating? Want to give your baby the best healthy chance? Concerned about your weight gain or wanting to help your body be the healthiest you?


Capture those once in a life time memories of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

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