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Why Pregnant Couples Love Birth Doulas

Listens and Answers Questions

Birth Planning

Teaches Comfort Techniques

Shares the Heavy Lifting at Birth


Lowers C-Section Chance and Medication Use in Labor.

Personal Birth Encyclopedia and Educator

Shines Up Dad's White Knight Armor

Doulas do not....

  • Deliver Babies (that is for your midwife or doctor to do.)

Doulas do.....

  • Provide physical, emotional, and educational support from pregnancy to beyond.

 All moms benefit from a doula, no matter what type of birth you are planning.

A birth doula will:
  • physical and emotional support

  • information to help couples make informed choices before, during, and after the birth

  • utilize techniques and comfort measures which ease labor pains

  • guide moms in navigating their way through a sometimes confusing and overwhelming medical system

  • educate families and help them find the information they need to make confident choices for their family and their birth

  • stay with their clients throughout the entire labor, birth, and immediate postpartum time

  • provide steadfast, non-judgmental emotional support and reassurance.

Having this continuous support from a non-biased professional is associated with improved maternal and fetal health, lower risk of interventions, and less need for pain relief medications.

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